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Discover Beers and Comedy in STL

An Inside Look at Crooked Craft Brew Tours

It’s no secret that Saint Louis is one of the most well-known beer locales in the world. While Budweiser is probably the biggest name people recognize, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover many craft breweries in the city, too. Crooked Craft Brew Tours offers bus tours that take small groups to local breweries in the area, providing an intimate, unique experience perfect for beer lovers.

“The tour groups will be around 14 people, on average,” says one of the owners, Brian Colon, “It’s small, so everybody gets a chance to hang out and meet people.”  Crooked Craft Brew Tours has a rotation of six breweries: Earthbound Brewing, Civil Life Brewing Company, Modern Brewery, Perennial Artisan Ales, 4 Hands Brewing Co and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company. On each tour, there is three brewery stops.

Unlike ordinary beer tours, where guests are bombarded with an endless stream of information and facts, Crooked Craft has comedians from Bare Knuckle Comedy onboard the shuttle providing entertainment for guests. Some of the “facts” may not even be facts at all. “The comedians make the tours more sociable. The comedians riff off everything—the idea is to keep it light and entertaining,” says Colon.

While craft beers have experienced a recent surge in popularity in other parts of the country, they have always been around in St. Louis. “This town was under the umbrella of Budweiser. There were a lot of home brews, but people were loyal because their grandfathers, fathers, uncles and brothers worked for Budweiser," Colon explains. "These breweries didn’t have a lot of money, but with guerilla marketing tactics and festivals, they caught fire.They didn’t need much, just a little spark.”

Tours are roughly 3.5 to 4 hours long and provide 45 minutes at each stop to taste beers as well as purchase beer and food. Guests are welcome to drink on the bus, but are urged to drink responsibly. “It’s not a party bus,” explains Colon. “We honor the beer and have fun.” 

- By Ettractions Digital Content Editor PAULA MARINO 


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